Our Competition Blend Barbecue Sauce features a smokey, tangy but sweet flavor that will satisfy even the pickiest of BBQ fans. This universal barbecue sauce is fantastic on ribs, chicken, pork, beef, seafood and more. It has also been favored as a preferred dipping sauce for fried foods such as chicken nuggets, onion rings, and tater tots! Plus, Old Smokey Beard’s incorporates well in slow-cooker and non-grilling recipes, too.

Our barbecue sauce recipe is made with simple, yet unique flavors and spices and contains no preservatives. Read the label for yourself; you won’t have to google any of our ingredients. Shout out to our gluten-intolerant friends: Old Smokey Beard’s Competition Blend is also gluten-free! And cutting calories doesn’t mean you have to cut flavor! Our barbecue sauce contains 0 (zero) Fat and only 25 calories per 1 oz serving


We produced our sauce from our passion of barbecue and our desire for culinary greatness. We believe barbecue is more than just something to eat at a summer cookout. Barbecue is a lifestyle that brings friends and families together to enjoy a great meal and to celebrate life. With our sauce, you can assure your efforts will elevate your next barbecue to legendary status.


The way we produce our sauce is simple: We start with simple ingredients that don’t require a chemistry degree to pronounce. Meaning, we don’t add anything artificial to our sauce like many retail brands on the market. The ingredients are then blended in a kettle and cook them to perfection. Every ounce is bottled to the highest quality standard for your enjoyment.


Old Smokey Beard’s is a gourmet, hand-crafted, low-calorie, big-flavor barbecue sauce that has no artificial flavors or preservatives and is gluten free. Whether you’re grilling or barbecuing, or need a dipping sauce to compliment your dish, Old Smokey Beard’s meets all of your needs.

Nutritional Info for "Competition Blend"

Created by Cueniversal Foods from Northeast Ohio, Old Smokey Beard’s Barbecue Sauce Competition Blend is 12 ounces of pure tastiness in a bottle. Devoured by BBQ fans young and old – it truly is a sauce for everyone! Get yours today and “Become Legendary.”